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Thanksgiving in the time of a Tempest

Call to Worship:

Leader: Be thankful in every season.

People: Seasons do change and but our faith anchors us in stormy weather.

Leader: Even when the world is fractured

People: We thank God for that which is whole

Leader: Even when tears flow

People: We thank God for the laughter that is still possible

Leader: Even when our loved ones are no longer around our tables

People: We thank God that they were here to gift us the sweet pain of remebering them.

Leader: Even when we need more

People: We thank God for what we have.

Leader: Thanksgiving does not cancel our pains.

People: It helps us bear them by putting them into prospective.

Leader: Thanksgiving gives us the bouncy of gratitude.

Together: We will not drown in the tempest of our circumstances - we will shelter in the place of gratitude because this too shall pass!

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