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Review : Nobody Told Me That The Road Will Be Easy 

If you're seeking balance and well-being while doing good and being good, I recommend the devotion "Nobody Told Me That the Road Would Be Easy" by Floyd Thompkins. It offers warm wisdom--both bracing and loving--that is a source of comfort to return to time and again.  


Gerone Lockhart 

Review : By The Pool of Bethesda 

February 26, 2013

This book is a powerful resource for my ministry. As a pastor for over twenty five years I can attest to the fact that "this book will preach". Not only does Thompkins treat biblical texts with diligence and sincerity, he engages the text with the seasoned touch of a man who listens to, understands, and touches people with the grace of God. This recent version of the book has several very useful questions at the end of each chapter. I will be using it in the years ahead to strengthen the witness of care-giving ministries in our congregation. It also is filled with memorable phrases and blessings for my own life and ministry. I cannot commend this book highly enough!

Rev. Dr. Brian Paulson 


A Pause To Ponder 

 August 7, 2014

An inspiring book for anyone struggling with difficult choices, challenging life choices, questioning spirituality or a relationship with God, or anyone confused about which path to choose. It’s filled with encouraging, wise, and thought provoking insights about some of life’s most perplexing questions. Questions that are universal and have, at some point in all of our lives, tested each of us. The author has a talent for being able to take an issue and put it into words that immediately hit home, and then use short stories, brief essays and anecdotes to illustrate why the issue is important and how to think about it in a new way.
There is a spiritual/religious focus, but the subjects covered are not merely for those who are involved in practicing a particular religion, and many of the insights here do not directly reference a higher power. Rather, they illustrate universal truths about human experience, and do it in a concise and very inspiring way. Some of the short passages challenge accepted “wisdom,” like the chapter called “It Is What It Is?” that starts with: “It is what it is? No it ain’t. It’s what you let it be. Stop accepting defeat and fight!” The chapter goes on to tell the story of a morbidly obese man who was near death from his weight and lifestyle who had given up on trying to be healthy…given up on living, in essence. The author goes on to challenge the supposed benefits of accepting everything about your life, and talks about the power of change and about humans’ innate right to be healthy and happy. This is not a spiritual book filled with platitudes about how God loves you and all you have to do is believe and everything will be fine. Each chapter illustrates the author’s deep understanding of pain and of the complexities of life. He combines this with a profound compassion and faith to create stories and essays that are truly thought provoking and that inspire change, transformation and hope.

Donna D

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