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Nobody Told Me That The Road Would Be Easy

Devotions for those working for social justice and reace

An accessible spiritual tool of support to those who are engaged in the enterprise of working for justice and peace in the world. This work is often taxing in many ways, including spiritually.

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By the Pool of Bethesda

Biblical Meditations on Long-term Illness and Terminal Diagnoses

This book is a celebration, aid, and a tool of empowerment for those who have been given a terminal diagnosis and/or suffer from a chronic disease and the people who love them.

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A Pause To Ponder

Words and Stories for Conquering Life's Battles

Through use of compelling stories, inspiring words, and provocative essays this work challenges and affirm your spiritual journey towards your destiny.

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Think On These Things

Words to inspire the spirit and challenge your soul

In lives full of distractions this small work asks us to pause to consider the world and our place in it. Utilizing few words major concepts are communicated such as gratitude, faith and perseverance. Each page contain brief twitter size faith based entries that invites the reader to pause and think on these things.


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