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Lord in Your Mercy

Teetering at the outer edge of hope we come to seek your presence and wisdom in order to gain another perspective on that which frightens and disturbs us.

As we face the temptation of arrogance and the seductive invitation to do violence, remind us who we are and what you have revealed about our capabilities to respond to evil.

Jesus, in a wilderness you faced the tempter and said no!

No to empire!

No to false worship!

No to selfishness.

Arise Holy Spirit, expand our vision, open our hearts, and lift our spirits to find new ways and more imaginative solutions for the world in which we find ourselves. Make our faith relevant in our resolve to do better, be better, and make others better.

Where we are not enough - you are more than enough. What we can not do - you accomplish by inexplicable means.

In our worship let us declare the truth of our lived experiences! You are God and we are not. You are for us and we are not alone.

Hallelujah, let a faith arise in you that will change us. We believe in deliverance, in grace, and in redemption because you have demonstrated the power to do such things in our lives before and we know thay you can and will do them again.

Come let’s remember who we are and who God is! Glory hallelujah! Let’s just praise God together!

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