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Doing Good

Anyone who tries to do good in the world will know that such efforts sometimes leave you unsatisfied with the outcome and critical of the value of the effort that it took to try.

It will always be true that you will never do enough good. You will never really understand everything that you should. You always could have done more. But, try anyway. Care as much as your emotions can stand. Do as much as you can.

The world is changed by the discouraged people who are suspicious of the impact of their actions. But, they know that they could not have stayed silent or have been in the presence of someone’s pain without attempting an effort to make things better.

Don’t do good because it feels good. That might be the case sometimes. It is not all the time. Try and do good because you believe it is good. This is the hard truth about those who work for justice - many many days it is just the best you could do and it was better than letting the worst actions of humanity continue without challenge.

There I said the silent part out loud! Just because it did not feel like a win, it does not mean you failed. If someone like you continues to find the courage and resolve to make things better all is not lost!

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