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Christmas Curiosity

It is is a curious thing that a faith tradition that begins with strong women at the center (Mary - young unmarried and ridiculed girl who protect her child from the judgements of her family and the murderous intent of her government; Elizabeth - a woman who became pregnant in her advanced years and sung a song of support for her sister regardless of what others said; Anna a prophetess that blessed babies and their families instead of blasting them out of her resentment) became the place of exclusion and denial of the strength and legitimate power of women's spirituality. For so long we did not notice that Jesus repudiated the notions of women's disqualification for carrying the word simply by nestling in a woman's wombs, resting in a woman's arms and becoming a vulnerable child trusting in the strength and resourcefulness of his mother . Jesus never had problems with equality. That is all us. As the say in South Georgia "Jesus ain't got nuttin to do with that."

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