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Mid Week Christian Worship

All over the world, in our nation and in our backyards we are dealing with waves of trauma. We are drowning in grief and pain

Life is too demanding. The world is too complex.

So we worship. We bow, we cry, we dance, and we raise our hands both in surrender to our present pain and in anticipation of our future victories.

Enlarge our hearts to hold both pain and paise together in the same moment. Expand our thoughts to fantom supporting victims and bringing perpetrators to accountability. Broaden our spirits to embrace hope without denying discouragement and suspicion.

Come Holy Spirit and reveal new pathways to healing, new reasons to hope, and new ways to create the political strength to construct the structures of justice needed to stop violence and hold those who inflict violence to accountable.

Oh God, we are weary of reacting. In our worship and prayer ignite our secular prophetic gifts of intellect and experience to discern the actions we need to take before we are overwhelmed by the immediate pain of death and destruction.

Stir up in us the courage and resolve to do the hard thing. As we bow before you teach our egos to bend to the notion that our individual rights are not worth the personal pain of others.

Be thou our vision. Resurrect our optimism. The world is not lost. From the vantage point of the cross to the darkness of the grave we yet believe in the resurrection. Come let us, in this the most difficult of times, worship our most amazing God!

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