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Nobody Told Me that the Road Would Be Easy 

An accessible spiritual tool of support to those who are engaged in the enterprise of working for justice and peace in the world. This work is often taxing in many ways, including spiritually. 


"This devotional wastes no time... IN THE BEGINNING...Just like Genesis heralds the start and sets the tone for all that is to follow, the first call to worship in Nobody Told Me That The Road Would Be Easy announces that you will be both challenged and refreshed by this book. You receive reassurance that the call of God to the work of seeing justice brought into the earth does not place an unbearable burden on your shoulders-- HIS BURDEN -- carried and owned by God is light for us when we lift our assigned portion. However, we are also reminded that there IS a responsibility given to us by God that we cannot ignore to work AND to rest in the assurance that the outcome of our labor is in God's hands, and God has it well under control. "Fight for justice and remain at peace." Reverend Floyd Thompkins, in the way that only he can, helps us to do both by focusing us on the critical acts of worship and hearing what God is saying to His people in this tumultuous season. You NEED to read this, and make sure that your co-laborers do so as well!

Wilhelmina Lewis, MD

President and CEO 

Florida Community Health Centers, Inc.

Praise & Reviews

“Thank you, Reverend Floyd, for providing daily guidance to those of us seeking answers to Martin Luther King, Jr.'s still crucial question, "Where do we go from here?"

Dr. Clayborne Carson​

Martin Luther King Jr., Centennial Professor of History, emeritus

Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies

“So grateful From poetic to practical witness, this devotional has it all. The seasoned justice warrior will discover a kindred spirit, 

and those new or overwhelmed in the struggle will find wisdom, comfort and grace. This volume is what we need, right now.”

Rev. Dr. Toni Dunbar Associate Pastor 

United Church of Christ City of Refuge in Oakland Ca. 

One hope of one who teaches is to arrive at a time when the student returns the favor.  In this book of devotions, my former student from the early decade of my years as a college professor, teaches me new and powerful insights on God’s call to work for justice and peace embodied in the words of Micah 6:8.  
The book provides a six week journey, that begins each week with a call to worship, followed by five daily devotions that deepen and extend a single theme.  Each week we are called to begin with a time of loving God, followed over the next few days linking that love with love for our neighbor as well as caring love for ourselves.  Floyd describes these times of daily devotion as being “brief but not short.”  The words are indeed quite short in terms the time it takes to read them but written with such eloquence and insight that they demand savoring each word with that has been crafted so carefully they demand lingering for a time to allow them to penetrate our soul.
Written by a deeply committed Christian, these devotionals can be experienced by others who live by other faith commitments or none at all, but who care deeply for justice and peace in our divided and hurting world.


  Rev. Dr. Carl Hansen,  President Emeritus, Midland University.


About Floyd Thompkins

I am a pastor, educator, trainer, and non-profit leader. I have lived in every region of the United States and have discovered that we are more alike than different. We all know that the old no longer works. The new has not yet arrived. Together let us find our way together. Click the button below to see the Linkedin biograhy stuff. But to know me is to worship, pray and hope with me. 

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